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West Coast Marketing has created a unique means of developing consumer and trade promotions and incentive programs that are responsive to your immediate needs, exciting, involving and most importantly, measurable to management.

As a nationally known and respected sales promotion agency for over 16 years, West Coast Marketing has served clients ranging from small and mid-size companies to Fortune 500 Corporations. In that time, millions of consumers and business-to-business prospects have taken action as a result of our programs.  West Coast Marketing specializes in developing and implementing a wide range of high impact marketing and promotional programs… from innovative sweepstakes, contests-of-skill, scratch-off games and motivational incentives… to sophisticated merchandising plans.  In short, West Coast Marketing can tailor a program to address almost any business objective you might have.



Prize Promotions

West Coast Marketing has built its strong reputation on prize promotions; truly, a nationally recognized expert in the field. With many of our support services in-house, we are better able to control and coordinate all aspects of a promotion from conception, with on-time and on-target delivery, within the allotted budget.

Our goal is to motivate consumers and the trade to action. We offer innovative thinking on those elements, which maximize the effectiveness of your offer. We also provide you with our practical knowledge of the application of Federal, State, and local laws and regulations that could apply to your program. Prize suggestions, state filings, legal aspects and every detail of the program is executed at the industry's highest standards. Our excellent relationships with various state regulatory agencies ensure up-to-the-minute knowledge and on-going compliance.

From the psychological techniques of involvement to the detailed planning of random distribution of winners, West Coast Marketing games are unique, exciting and fraud-proof.

The skill competition still has a major place in the promotional mix. Our specialized programs are all conducted with a view towards good marketing within stringent legal requirements.Back to top



It's all here, from the traditional prize point catalog to more sophisticated incentive-based games. West Coast Marketing programs motivate employees to sell harder, open new accounts, curtail absenteeism, reduce lost time due to accidents and accomplish any corporate goals. Our specialized knowledge of consumer psychology allows us to create incentive programs that combine the universal desire for big gifts with employee need for instant gratification. You can either order stock games and catalogs or work with our creative/administrative people to create the custom program that best addresses the exact needs of your company. Back to top


Creative Services

Our creative team provides concepts and copy that are fully integrated with West Coast Marketing programs. Highly experienced in the area of direct response marketing, we develop direct mail packages, collateral and broadcast spots. In addition, we create eye-catching point-of-purchase materials such as counter cards, posters, entry boxes and freestanding displays. Back to top



Merchandise Procurement

Price, availability, quality and high value impression are all part of the specialized nature of merchandise procurement for the promotion industry. The important factors of fulfillment costs and the merchandise's relation to the promotion theme or product are key ingredients in a successful campaign. West Coast Marketing brings the strongest merchandise skills and sources to your marketing program. Representing top brand names, lines and custom premium manufacturing are part of our regular service to clients. Expert "shoppers" enable us to provide you with a constant flow of new items at competitive prices. Back to top



A promotion is only as good as its prize fulfillment. The West Coast Marketing fulfillment center located in Van Nuys, California, allows you to take advantage of affordable, quality labor and reasonable freight and UPS rates. Caging, sorting, screening, packing, shipping, warehousing and all other fulfillment functions are handled under one roof. Back to top



Graphic Arts

Our creative team will translate ideas into working visual promotions. Slides, presentations, brochures, displays, game pieces, and catalogs are all part of our portfolio. Our relationship with the nation's major printers allows us to quickly respond to all conditions of creativity, price, timing and delivery requirements. In addition, we maintain a large library of transparencies of promotional merchandise, travel destinations and stock merchandising photography. All are available to meet your needs at highly competitive prices. Back to top



In Conclusion

There is great temptation to simply call ourselves a "full-service agency". Unfortunately, everyone from display houses to self-appointed consultants uses this term. Many companies know us as "The Sweepstakes People". That statement is indeed very accurate. We bring an unusually strong set of creative and logistical skills to the prize promotion business. However, West Coast Marketing is much more. What really sets us apart is our sense of professionalism. At West Coast Marketing, you will work with skilled, helpful, creative, caring people who still understand the importance of service. There is never a charge for an exploratory discussion. We invite you to meet our professionals and experience first hand what "Full Service" can really mean. Back to top





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